Promoting Community Growth and Opportunity


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About Us†


The Foundation was started by a small group of concerned individuals with a positive new mindset and common vision for the economic future of Bamberg, South Carolina.


A culturally diverse group with the courage, experience, and a willingness to provide the time and funding to make it happen.


A group that recognizes conventional economic development tools are not enough to meet the communityís needs and expectations for creating growth and opportunity.


A group that sees its children leave their community to find opportunities that are no longer available causing a population decline that needs to be reversed.


A group that sees the weekend population decline as citizens exit the town for shopping and entertainment in other communities.


A group that sees the growing decay from empty buildings and wonders why we canít attract new businesses to our town.


We are a group of individuals who truly are committed to our cause and want to make a positive difference.


Old City Hall Building

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As the economic landscape changes in small towns across America, leadership MUST begin exploring new ways to approach the critical problems of declining growth and decay.

The Foundation believes the most cost effective method for attaining economic growth and stability in small town America is to inspire and empower existing business while encouraging citizens to start new businesses.