Serving Bamberg, SC and the surrounding area.

The FEDERAL COMMUNICATION COMMISSION granted RISING HIGH FOUNDATION a Low Power FM Broadcast Station CP Permit to construct and operate radio transmitting apparatus within an authorized range of effective radiated power on channel 272 with a frequency of 102.3 MHz.

The permit granted on January,10, 2014, authorized Rising High Foundation to install a non-directional antenna located at 12045 Heritage Highway, Bamberg, SC. The permit states the height of the antenna shall not exceed 30 meters and does not require any construction marking and lighting specifications.

Our city grade signal covers the entire town of Bamberg with an effective radial coverage area of 8 –10 miles.

The Rising High Foundation is a nonprofit organization  and all donations are tax deductable under federal law.

WBSC-LP Radio Bamberg

12045 Heritage Highway, PO Box 1178

Bamberg, SC 29003


Studio:  803-244-9401